Aloo Pakora or Potato Bajji or Potato Fritters

On any rainy day me and my husband love to have something fried , hot and spicy.

My mom used to make potato bajji as soon as we come home on a moody or rainy day. She use to serve these potato bajji with hot milk. I just love these bajji’s. She will make different varities of bajji’s. My mom makes mirchi bajji, potato bajji, gobi bajji, green pepper or capsicum bajji, spinach bajji and even beatle leaf bajji 🙂 I’m drooling here 😉

Even i love eating these bajji’s from street vendors too. I will finish the entire plate and think oh my gosh I ate so much oily food might get pimples and then again I will forget and eat again.

I miss my mom and her cooking. Even if I follow exactly same way she cooks I can’t match her ;(

I guess she has that Midas touch in her hands. Her hands are wands , they just create magic!

Today its raining here at my place. I can’t change my habits. Even I try to eat and cook healthy foods sometimes I will just take a detour 🙂

Here is the potato bajji or aloo bajji or aloo pakora or potato fritters recipe.

You need these ingredients
1) Potatoes Sliced 2
2) Besan ( Chick pea flour) 1.5 cups
3) Salt
4) Baking soda a pinch
5) Chilli Powder a tsp(optional)
6) Ajwain (Carom seeds) 1/2 tsp
7) Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp ( optional)
8) Rice Flour 1 tbsp

First mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.


Now add enough water to make a thick batter. Batter should coat your finger and should not be watery.

aloo-pakora-besan batter

Keep sliced potatoes in water to avoid oxidation.


Heat oil in a pan. Dip sliced potatoes in pakora batter and drop them in hot oil. Cook them on both sides. It will take around 3 to 5 minutes to cook a batch of bajji’s dropped in oil. Again it depends on the size of potato, your pan and oil temperature.

Maintain constant oil temperature. I cook them on medium heat. I don’t increase or decrease flame throughout the cooking process. After removing a batch of bajji I will give a minute so oil will be back to its medium temperature.


Potato fritters or Aloo bajji or potato bajji is ready. We will eat just like that without any chutney or ketchup. Enjoy!


potato fritters recipe

aloo bajji recipe

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