Best Chicken Marsala Recipe Ever

best chicken marsala recipe

Chicken Marsala is an Italian recipe.It can be cooked in slow cooker or on stovetop. We always order chicken marsala whenever we go to restaurants.I always wonder what is in that sauce.Sauce makes this dish so rich and yummy.In a hunt for best Chicken Marsala Recipe, I came across many recipes from wonderful chef’s and other bloggers. I have collected my favorite and want to make one by one.I have started from my favorite chef first. Here goes the list.

best chicken marsala recipe

Chicken with Mustard Mascarpone Marsala Sauce by Giada

If it is an Italian recipe then we have to go to Giada 🙂 Been a huge fan of her cooking. She makes it look like cooking is like a breeze. This chicken marsala is divine. No flour is used to season the chicken. Seasoned chicken is pan fried and removed.Onions,garlic,mushrooms are sauted in pan with butter.And wine is reduced to half.She used mascarpone with mustard and mixed to chicken pieces. Cooked and served with fettuccine. Divine. Got to try this.

Chicken Marsala Recipe from Tyler Florence

I have been watching Tyler Florence for years. His recipes never disappoint.Chicken is pounded thin,seasoned and pan fried in oil.I will avoid prosciutto and cook mushrooms in the chicken juices.Pour marsala and chicken stock to the pan and simmer.Add butter and chicken to the pan and garnish. Simple to cook and tastes so delish.Yummy. Tyler makes any dish look like it is so easy to make..Oh man.

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Recipe

We have eaten many times in Olive garden. Tried this chicken marsala many times.So I have to try and make it real close to the restaurant recipe. This recipe is similar to Tyler’s recipe but without prosciutto. Pound chicken breasts,season,pan fry them in oil.Cook mushrooms in the pan with wine and reduce the sauce.Add cooked chicken and simmer.Garnish and serve. See simple.Got to try this Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Recipe.

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Marsala from Pillsbury

I have no idea there will be a Chicken Marsala recipe on pillsbury site.Now I know 🙂 There are many ingredients which are not used in either Tyler’s Chicken Marsala or Olive Garden Chicken Marsala.Garlic,Thyme ,whipping cream and corn startch are used like in typical italian cuisine.This Chicken Marsala uses chicken thigh pieces not breast pieces.Chicken thighs are cooked in slow cooker.This sauce is very creamy and even without cooking this recipe I can say I love this recipe.I love creamy white sauces.

In this Chicken Marsala recipe, seasoned chicken thigh pieces are slow cooked for 4-5 hours.Garlic,Mushroom and thyme are sauted in a pan and layered on top of chicken pieces and slow cooked.Later corn startch mixed in heavy cream is mixed and cooked. There you have Creamy Chicken Marsala cooked in slow cooker.Chicken stock or broth can be substituted for Marsala wine.

Weight Watchers Chicken Marsala Recipe

This Weight Watchers Chicken Marsala Recipe uses less oil compared to recipes metioned above.Sauté mushrooms in skillet and add seasoned chicken pieces to the skillet.After 3 min add Marsala wine and broth and cook uncovered.Add corn startch mixed in broth to skillet to thicken sauce.This recipe also uses chicken breasts.

Chicken Marsala from Williams Sonoma

This recipe shows both Stovetop and slow cooker method’s for cooking Chicken Marsala.It uses shallots,pancetta,dried oregano and mascarpone in addition to regualarly used ingredients in Chicken Marsala.Seasoned chicken pieces are pan fried in oil and butter.Pan fried in butter and oil,makes chicken yummy.This recipes uses shallots and pancetta.Saute these in the pan.Add Marsala and reduce it till thickened.Add broth and oregano.

In stove top method pan fried chicken is placed in dutch oven and marsala sauce is added.Cook for 30 min.Saute mushrooms in mixture of oil and butter.Stir in mascarpone.Season and add it to chicken and cook for 30 min more.

In slow cooker method cook chicken and marsala for about 5 hours in low heat.And rest of the procedure is same as stove top method.Both stove top and slow cooker method looks so promising and divine. I think I have to try this like right now.YOu have to try this.

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