Cut Mirchi Bajji

Who doesn’t like mirchi bajji on a rainy day. Back in hostel days we used to eat lot of fried goodies and mirchi bajji is one of them. We love mirchi bajji. I like them in any style , whether they are plain or stuffed mirchi bajji’s.
I have seen different varities of mirchi bajji’s. Potato stuffed mirchi bajji, ajwain and tamarind stuffed bajji’s and many more.
These cut mirchi style I have learnt from my friend. She is very good cook. I adore her style of cooking, simple easy to make and yummy to taste.
She makes these slightly in a different way. She deep fries entire mirchi for 2-3 minutes. Then cuts them in pieces and deep fry them till they are very crispy.
I made them the lazy way. I had no time and made these for friends.


Ingredients for making cut mirchi bajji :
1) Mirchi
2) Besan/senaga pindi
3) Ajwain 1 tsp
4) Ginger Garlic paste 1 tsp(optional)
5) Mirchi powder
6) Salt
7) Oil
Making of cut mirchi bajji :
Key to making any bajji is batter. If you make perfect batter bajji will come perfect.
Take a bowl and add besan , ginger garlic paste(optional), ajwain (helps digestion ) , salt and mirchi powder. Add water in small quantity first.Once the lumps of besan are mixed properly with water you can add more water. If you add all water at once you can’t mix besan properly.
Add enough water in such a way that batter coats your finger . Batter shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.


Dip cut mirchi in besan and deep fry them on medium flame till they are done.


Enjoy your cut mirchi bajjis in your favorite way!!!


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