Deepavali Sweets Athirasam Recipe Collection

I love to eat sweets rather than cooking them. Before marriage I used to hate sweets and after marriage I just love them. May be because I don’t have access to Indian Sweet shops or away from Mom…no idea 🙂 These are few of my favorite Athirasam recipes from around.

Every Deepavali in my home we follow our family tradition. We have to make “Athirasam” sweet and offer that to God. It has to be 21 count. What ever we offer to God has to be 21. My Mom takes some help from my aunty to make these. We have some helping hands to make them. It is very time taking process but end product is finger licking good.. Athirasam is also called Arisalu in other areas. Athirasam is made of fresh rice flour and jaggery or sugar. I love Athirasam made from sugar but like both of them.


I have tried making Athirasam only once. These are my favorite Athirasam recipes from around the web.

  1. Revathi Shanmugam – Athirasam I love watching Revathi amma cooking shows on Jaya TV. In fact I have been inspired to cook after watching Jaya TV and Sun TV cooking shows. I need to try this recipe for this Deepavali. Will blog about it after my attempt.
  2. Prathibha from Chefandherkitchen. This recipe and photos are looking amazing. This recipe is explained in detail so anyone can make it. I have to try this one.
  3. PadhusKitchen I Like her blog. She has got massive recipe collections. If you haven’t stumbled upon her website I bet you are not looking in correct place
  4. Rakskitchen This Athirasam recipe looks good. Note to self need to try this recipe as well.
  5. PremasCook This Athirasam recipe is looking different. I have never heard of leaving Athirasam dough covered for two days and making it on third day. Pictures look good. I should give it a try.
  6. Ragini Mrs Vahchef I have tried few chutney recipes from Ragini.I like her way of cooking. She makes it very easy for us.


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