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Who doesn’t love dosa? I love dosa on any day any time. I love to add little variation to the same old dosa batter and make different dosa. Many of these dosa varieties I have learnt here and there.

I use idli batter for making dosa. I don’t specifically grind dosa batter. After 2 or 3 days I use same ildi batter as dosa batter because it will be fermented.

I was using 4: 1 ratio rice and urad dal and now I have changed to 2:1 rice and urad dal. But making dosa using 2:1 idli batter is little difficult. You have to grease dosa tawa then only these dosa will come out without sticking to tawa…

I will make karam Dosa, Masala dosa, egg dosa(mutta dosa),onion dosa using the regular dosa batter. I have learnt karam dosa from my grand father. Onion dosa and egg dosa from my hostel cook.

Karam Dosa :

Ingredients :

Dosa Batter

Karam( I use my grand father’s recipe : Mix chilli powder,salt in oil. Add crushed garlic. Mix it and store in glass bowl . Use when required.)

dosa-varieties-karam dosa-varieties-karam-dosa

Making of Karam Dosa:

Pour dosa as you normally do and add some karam on top of it and spread evenly. Don’t need to flip dosa. Cover dosa and cook till done. be generous on oil or ghee.

dosa-varieties-making-dosa dosa-varieties-karam-dosa-makingdosa-varieties-karam-dosa2  dosa-varieties-karam-dosa-recipe

Onion Dosa:

Ingredients :

Dosa Batter

Thinly Chopped Onions

Making of Onion Dosa:

Pour dosa as regualr dosa and sprinkle thinly chopped onions on top of it and cover with a lid. Cook till onions are transparent. Don’t flip.

Serve with your favorite chutney.

dosa-varieties-making-dosa dosa-varieties-onion-dosa dosa-varieties-onion-dosa-recipe dosa-varieties-onion-dosa-recipe2

Egg Dosa:

Ingredients :

Dosa Batter


Making of Egg Dosa:

Pour dosa and add egg on top of it and spread egg evenly on top of dosa and sprinkle some salt and pepper and chilli powder. Flip egg dosa and cook on other side too. You need to be generous on oil.

Serve egg dosa with chutney.

dosa_varieties_making_dosa dosa_varieties_making_egg_dosa dosa_varieties_egg_dosa_making

You can mix and match these combinations.

Add karam and spread it and then add chopped onions.

dosa-varieties-egg-karam-dosa-recipe dosa-varieties-egg-karam-dosa dosa-varieties-egg-karam-dosa-recipe2


Note :

Here are few more dosa varieties you can make in no time.

1)Spread chutney on top of dosa for chutney dosa.

2)Sprinkle cheese on top of dosa and cover with a lid and you will get cheese dosa for kids.

3)Spread salsa and guacamole and sprinkle cheese for quesadilla dosa.

4)Spread egg and sprinkle onions on top of dosa for one more variety.

I will update this post again when I get a chance. Enjoy !



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