How to make butter – Homemade Butter from Heavy Cream


My family back in India makes butter by churning curd or yogurt. I used to see my grandmother and mother do this everyday. They will collect butter and make ghee from it .

I used to help them once in a while . I know whole procedure 🙂

But after coming to US I tried to make butter but was not successful. Then I stopped trying and got used with store bought butter.

Recently while I was browsing Paleo recipes , somewhere they have mentioned they make butter out of heavy cream. Immediately I was drawn to that. I love homemade stuff. As always, I love to feed my girl homemade food.



Ingredients for Homemade butter:

Organic Heavy Cream ( not reduced fat)
Blender/ Stand Mixer/ Glass jar or Plastic Jar

How to make homemade butter

Heavy cream should be in refrigerator.Whatever you use that should be cold not warm.


Just pour heavy cream into blender and blend on low for about 3 minutes. Mine was done in 3 minutes.

How-to-make-butter-heavycream-blender How-to-make-butter-heavycream-blending How-to-make-butter-heavycream-butter

You can use stand mixer and do the same. When whipping make sure you can cover the mixing bowl with a towel so there won’t be any splashing around.

You can use glass jar or bottle or plastic bottle for whipping. This is very easy. My aunty used this method all time. Pour heavy cream into the bottle and cover with lid. Make sure it is tightly closed. Now start shaking the bottle up and down or side ways. She used to do this while watching TV 😉 You can see butter while you are doing this.

Once butter is ready, dump into cold bowl.



Now Pour cold water and gently squeeze butter so all the butter milk comes out of it and only butter remains. This is old school method I think. I followed the same way today for making homemade butter. This is how my Mom makes butter.

How-to-make-butter-butter-in-water How-to-make-butter-squeezing How-to-make-butter-squeezing2 How-to-make-butter-clean-butter

Another method is rinse butter under cold running water. This is easy. I have to try this one next time.



Store in glass bowl and enjoy homemade butter. I used 1.5 pints of heavy cream and got about 12oz of butter.



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