How to make Whole Jowar Idli/Jonna Idli

Its been more than a month since I opened my blog. Life has caught up on me.I have been brushing up some of my old skills and left my creative side behind.This week I took a break and logged in to see my blog. I have so many blog posts lined up but I’m lazy to type in and get constantly interrupted my little one. Mom, I want this and don’t want this channel and many more..this is never ending saga 🙂

While I was doing regular grocery shopping, I found that my local Indian store has stocked up few whole millet’s. Found whole jowar(jonna/white sorghum millet/cholam/jola),whole bajra(pearl millet/kambu/sajjalu,sajje),whole foxtail millet(thinai/korralu/navanne/kangni) etc grains.

I’m planning to make idli with each of these whole millet’s. This week I have made idli with whole white sorghum millet’s aka jowar or jonnalu. This turned out good.I haven’t noticed much taste difference between idli made with regular rice and jowar. But texture and color wise there is subtle different.I have been making jowar ildi using jowar flour for many years now.Moving on to whole jowar idli recipe..

how to make whole jowar idli

Ingredients for making Whole Jowar Idli/Jonna Idli:

Whole Jowar /Jonnalu 2 cups

Urad dal 1cup

Mustard seeds 1 tbsp

Salt 1 tbsp

whole jowar idli ingredients

Making of Whole Jowar Idli/Jonna Idli:

Clean and soak jowar or jonnalu and urad dal separately over night or for 8 hours.

whole jowar idli soaking

Add mustard seeds to urad dal bowl and let it soak as well.

whole jowar idli after soaking

Grind urad dal along with mustard seeds to fine paste and take it into a bowl.

Now grind whole jowar or sorghum millets to fine paste. It will take a while.

Combine both of them and ferment for atleast 6-8 hours or till the batter has raisen.

Make idli’s as you would regularly make.

Serve healthy whole jowar idli or jonna idli with your favorite chutney or sambar.

whole jowar idli recipe

Note:I have made jowar dosa with left over batter and they came out good and delicious.

Enjoy !




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