Microwave S’mores


My kid and myself love S’mores. I fell in love with S’mores when I first tasted them in an amusement park. Whenever I want to eat S’mores I will make them in Microwave. This is very easy to make and tastes so good. But it is not in par with S’mores made on fire. But it satisfies my taste buds.

Ingredients for Microwave S’mores:

Graham Crackers


Chocolate bars

Making of Microwave S’mores

Place a marshmallow and chocolate on top of graham crackers and microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds,depending on your microwave.

Microwave-Smores-graham-crackers-marshmallow-chocolate Microwave-Smores

Try with 10 sec first and then increase 5 sec more. Mine are done in 20 seconds.

Enjoy Microwave S’mores. I love to have them as is while watching TV along with coffee.



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