Mixed Dal Adai

Adai is very healthy breakfast prepared in south India. It is very common breakfast in my mothers home.

I don’t know what dal’s or lentils they will use while preparing adai. This is my Mom’s style of making Dal Adai. She adds different kind if dal’s or pulses whatever is available at home. It tastes so good. 
I prepared in a same way. I just selected grains or dal’s or pulses whatever I had in my pantry.

Ingredients for  making Mixed Dal Adai Recipe :
1) Whole Green Moong Gram
2) Pinto Beans
3) Kidney Beans
4) Green Chana dal
5) Green Peas
6) Sesame Seeds
7) Rice Flakes
8) Flax Seeds
I choose randomly and equal quantities of all. Its upto you. You can choose any kind of lentils you have.
I guess they don’t add sesame seeds or flax seeds in making adai. Because of very good nutritional value of these ingredients I added them so my family don’t know what they are eating but get benefits of it.
When you are making with many ingredients select a tsp of each. It will give more than enough batter. I make huge quantity and normally end up wasting some of it ;(
Soak them over night and grind them to fine paste along with cumin seeds( jeera) , ginger , green chillies and salt.

Don’t need to ferment the batter. We can make dosa immediately. 
I like to add chopped onions in my dosa or adai.

This adai recipe is packed with lots of nutritional value. Make sure to make these kind of dal adai atleast once a week or once every two weeks.

Enjoy mixed dal adai with your favorite chutney!!!

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