Mixed Vegetable Sambar

Sambar is very common in my mother’s house and it is every day curry in MIL’s family. 

My mom and MIL prepare different types of sambar. Mine is different too .But procedure is almost same 😉
My mom makes sambar with individual vegetables and mixed vegetables. She makes Eggplant or brinjal Sambar, Eggplant mixed with Mango Sambar, Okra or Ladies Finger Sambar, Drumstick sambar, Drumstick and Mango Sambar, Drumstick and Eggplant Sambar, mullangi Sambar, Beans Sambar, Carrot Sambar and Mixed veggie Sambar….
My MIL always makes sambar with mixed veggies including carrots, potatoes, beans, cauliflower, okra etc…
I have few veggies left over so started making mixed veggie sambar. These are the vegetables I have on hand …
Ingredients for mixed vegetable sambar :
1)Mixed Veggies
2) Toor dal
3) green chillies 2
4) Red. Chillies 2
5) Onions
6) Tomatoes
7) Tamarind Extract
8) Garlic Pods few
9) Curry leaves
10) Corriander leaves / Cilantro
11) Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
12) Coriander Powder 1 Tbsp
13) Mirchi Powder 1 tsp
14) Methi Powder 1/4 tsp
15) Hing/ asafetida pinch
16) Salt
Making of Sambar:
You can follow the same Procedure for any kind of vegetable sambar.
Boil toor dal and mash cooked dal and keep it aside.
(If you like boil the veggies by adding salt , turmeric Powder and tamrind extract.)

I will tell you different way today.

Take a pan and add oil when pan is hot. Add mustard seeds and when they splutter add cumin seeds, urad dal and red chillies. Fry on low flame till they turn golden brown. 

Now add chopped onions, green chillies and crushed garlic to the pan and fry until onions turn transparent.

Add chopped veggies and fry them for few minutes. 

Add tomatoes when veggies are done.

When tomatoes become mushy add all powders .

 Fry till raw smell is gone for few minutes. Keep the flame on low when frying powders or else they will turn black 🙁

Now add cooked dal to the pan and add required water with tamrind extract. Check for taste adjust accordingly. Garnish sambar with coriander leaves. 

Enjoy mixed vegetable sambar 🙂
Increase or decrease spices and water levels according to your taste buds.
We like spicy most of the times and mild occasionally!!! 

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