My MIL’s Kottayam Fish Curry


Its been a while since I have checked my blog. I was on vacation to attend my brother marriage.Been very busy with marriage and shopping of course 🙂  Anyone out there who have any tips to manage kids when traveling please let me know. I was nuts and crazy with them ;(

This time when I visited my MIL’s place I captured the way she cooks fish curry. She said this is how Kottayam Fish Curry is made by her Mom and others she knew. Hoping it will help me and others who are interested in making Kottayam Fish Curry.


Ingredients for Kottayam Fish Curry:

Fish 500 gm

Pearl Onions 10 no

kashmiri Chilli Powder 3 to 4 tbsp ( I know its lot but it is not spicy)

Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp

Mustard powder 1/4 tsp

Kodampuli or Kokum 4 to 5 pieces

Curry leaves

Garlic 1 whole or less



Making of Kottayam Fish Curry:

First make a paste of Kashmiri chilli powder,turmeric powder and mustard powder using little water.



Clean fish and keep it aside. No need of marinating.


Take a pan and add oil when hot. Add chopped pearl onions and add lightly chopped garlic. My MIL said you can add how much ever garlic you need.


When garlic and onions are fried enough add prepared chilly powder paste and saute for few minutes.


Once the raw smell is gone add soaked kodumpuli and curry leaves. Cook for a 2 to 5 min.



Now transfer this whole masala into clay pot which has fish in it. If you don’t have clay you can continue in the same pot.


Add enough water,salt and fish to the pot and bring to boil on high to medium flame and then simmer for about 45 min. Check for taste in between and adjust. Kottayam Fish Curry is ready to taste. It will have a beautiful red color because of kashmiri chilli powder.


Kottayam Fish Curry tastes good with rice or mashed tapioca. Enjoy !!!




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