Semi Homemade Jilebi

Semi Homemade Instant Jilebi

On a rainy day or after a long tiresome day who will resist a hot and sweet Jilebi. Yummo 🙂

I’m not an expert in making sweets but expert in eating them lol. I haven’t tried Jilebi till now. This is my first attempt and not from scratch. I had Jilebi packet sitting in my pantry for a while. For Dussera I thought let me make use of it and make a different sweet instead of regular Payasam,Kesari ,Halwa and other sweets.

I struggled for few batches to make a round Jilebi. They came apart making Jilebi’s in lines instead of circlular shapes. After a while I was able to make it.

Key to make round shaped Jilebi is to cook Jilebi’s on low flame that way your hand will not get any heat from oil and you will be be comfortable making Jilebi’s in round shape. Also you need to close the cicle you make like ,after you finish your long circle bring it back to inner circle.

They are many wonderful videos on youtube. Watch your favorite and get comfortable in making Jilebi’s. Now lets move on to my Jilebi adventure.

Ingredients for Semi Homemade Jilebi:

Instant Jilebi Mix (200gm)

Sugar 300 gm (1.5 cups)

Water 300 ml


Making of Semi Homemade Jilebi:

I pretty much followed the instructions written on back of the packet.

For 200 gm of Jilebi mix I have added 250ml of water and made a paste of it. Cover it and let it rest for 5 to 10 min.



Now take oil in a pan and heat it on medium flame.

On other hand take 300 gm of sugar in another pan and add 300 ml of water and let it boil. Sugar should just melt and switch off the flame. Sugar syrup is ready.


When oil is hot reduce flame to low.

If you have a piping bag you can use that or use Ziploc or milk packets. Make a hole at one end and dump Jilebi batter into it.


Now carefully make round circles in oil.Cook it on low flame and cook it till done.It will be very crisp and drop it into sugar syrup.

This picture you an idea. This is my first Jilebi attempt and dough kind of scattered into long strips.


Another method I had tried to get good shape. I used murruku method.But dough didn’t slide itself in oil even after getting cooked. I had forced to come out of spoon.




Now I reduced my flame to low. Medium flame even put holes in ziploc everywhere and after reducing flame and I removed the white thingy I used to squeeze dough . Just used smaller ziploc and small hole.

This is almost at the end. I got pretty decent Jilebi’s 🙂 They are soaking in sugar syrup.


Only after reducing my flame I was able to get golden colored Jilebi. Finally I made it work 🙂

Semi Homemade Instant Jilebi

Let it soak the sugar syrup and remove Jilebi and serve warm.Enjoy.



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