Teavana Sakura Allure Green Tea

sakura allure green tea

I drink lot of tea and coffee. In fact my day starts with a cup of strong hot coffee.If I don’t drink morning coffee whole day I will be disturbed and will end up having headache. While I was working I will drink coffee couple more in office and in the evening I will have one tea, Indian style with milk and sugar.

I know about green tea benefits compared with what I drink.But I was not ready to jump on green tea bandwagon. During one of my visits to India I had seen my father and uncle are drinking only green tea and not regular Indian style tea. My father went ahead and gave full lecture about green tea benefits and how to loose some calories etc. He used to take hot green tea not cold green tea like in US. My mom will make him green tea buy boiling water and then drop in one green tea bag and steep for 5 minutes. After that she will add honey and mix.After it is cold enough to drink she will squeeze half lime juice into it and serve to my father. Even I made similar way and served for my late father ;(…..

After coming back to US I didn’t start having green tea immediately. One day while I was roaming around doing some window shopping in the mall , I passed teavana shop. I just tasted their tea samples which they keep outside the shop. Normally I’m hesitant to taste tea samples which they serve. Immediately I got hooked to them, may be because of my late father. I went inside and you know the sales person was very smart and made me buy more than I intended to buy. I ended up paying more than $120 for two different teavana teas,one is Sakura Allure Green Tea and other one is monkey picked oolong tea .Sales man convinced me saying oolong tea will help reducing weight and these teas little goes log way blah blah… After they gave the bill ,to be honest I was shocked for their prices. They are so costly for me. I don’t know about others. But I was skeptical to cancel the order because I’m that kinda person. I will do things which I don’t want to do and regret later ….

Now I have been drinking them for more than a year,not regularly couple times a week. Even I drank them while I was pregnant because I stopped taking coffee.I enjoy them a lot. Out of these two tea’s I like Sakura Allure Green Tea because of its smell and aroma. It is so refreshing and gives fruity and flowery smell 🙂

I just boil the water and add a tsp of green tea and cover and let it steep for 3 minutes. Filter and drink without any honey. I will add lime juice once in a while.

teavana sakura allure green tea

Even my daughter,5 year old , loves it. I give her this green tea after it is cold with honey and ice cubes.

sakura allure green tea

I didn’t use DSLR to take pictures. I’m not there yet. I’m using my iphone to take pictures. I tried to show the rich color this Sakura Allure Green Tea has,but couldn’t make justice ;(

sakura allure green tea

I will say if you want to try this Sakura Allure Green Tea ,go ahead and try them. But buy them in small quantities before scaling up 🙂

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