Tomato Nuvvula Pachadi/ Tomato Sesame Chutney

We love eating chutneys or  Pachadi. They taste delicious with rice, idly, dosa, upma or khichadi.
I love making them because they are very easy and also my kid will eat without knowing what vegetables are inside it 😉 No more throwing veggies away from curry. She doesn’t what veggies I have used.
You can prepare so many different chutneys or pachadi varieties with tomatoes. This is one of them rich in Iron because of sesame seeds.
Ingredients for making of Tomato Nuvvula Pachadi or Tomato Chutney
1) Tomatoes Big 2
2) Black Nuvvulu / Yellu/ Sesame Seeds 3-4 tbsp
3) Green Chillies 3-4
4) Garlic pods 2
5) Ginger 1″ piece
6) onion 1
7) Tadka / Tampering Ingredients.
Now lets start making simple Tomato Nuvvula Pachadi or Tomato Sesame Chutney or Tomato Yellu Chutney
Take a pan and add sesame seeds and fry them till you can smell roasted smell on low flame. Don’t leave the pan go around , burn’t sesame seeds tastes bitter ;(


Remove sesame seeds and allow them to cool. In the same add little oil and green chillies, onion and garlic and ginger and cook them til onion turns transparent then add tomatoes to it and cook it covering with a lid. Cook on slow flame and stir occasionally. Don’t add any water. Allow to cool for 5 min.


Grind sesame seeds and add tomato mixture and make a paste. You can make either smooth or coarse paste. Add salt and test , if your tomatoes are not sour enough add little bit tamarind to it and adjust.
Now you can either serve this tomato pachadi right away or give tadka or tampering. Its up to you !!!

Serve tomato nuvvula pachadi or tomato sesame chutney with rice, idly or dosa or upma or khichadi ….enjoy 🙂

Adjust spice or sourness levels according to your taste!

Tomato Nuvvula Pachadi/ Tomato Sesame Chutney

Easy and simple Tomato Sesame Chutney
Course Brunch
Cuisine Indian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Author Sravanthi


  • Tomatoes Big 2
  • Black Nuvvulu / Yellu/ Sesame Seeds 3-4 tbsp
  • Green Chillies 3-4
  • Garlic pods 2
  • Ginger 1" piece
  • Onion 1
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Urad Dal
  • Chana Dal
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